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Urbanization is increasing across the globe, and urban areas constitute one of the fastest growing land-use types. Several studies highlighted how biodiversity plays an important role in conserving ecosystem function and how urbanization reduces the resilience of ecosystems. However, approaches focused on different and complementary biodiversity measures are needed to understand how specific elements of urbanization impacts biodiversity.

This project will assess the effect of urbanization on different levels of biodiversity in bird communities in European cities, exploring bioindicators related to environmental quality in urban areas. The framework combines novel approaches with conventional tools to reach the research goals, i.e. linking each different bird community metric to pollution level, vegetation distribution and building density.

GACR project number: 18-16738S

For more information about the Community Ecology & Conservation research group, leading this project, click on the icon:

Community Ecology & Conservation
Photo: Streptopelia turtur by Fabio Pruscini.jpg


Our project “Effects of urbanization on multilevel avian diversity: linking bird community metrics to pollution level, vegetation and building density” was highlighted in the GACR website. Photo Streptopelia turtur by F. Pruscini.

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